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A strong expertise for companies, associations and organizations and for individuals 

A boutique law firm dedicated to employment law and resulting from the will of its partners to provide their clients with value-added expertise and dynamic and highly individualized support with a constant attention to quality, responsiveness and flexibility.


With years of experience in major law firms, AMPEA’s lawyers seek to intervene together to take advantage of their complementary skills.

Each case is handled directly by the partners expert in employment law, who are the direct contacts of each client, through a relationship characterized by commitment and transparency within an accessible structure on a human scale.

Our approach is based on strong legal rigor, on listening skills, analysis and consultation and an understanding of the strategic dimensions of each issue in order to identify and create tailor made solutions.


Ampea Law Firm offers expertise in labour and employment law for companies, associations and organizations under French law. We assist company managers and human resources managers in the management of individual and collective issues and in the context of litigations.

Our approach of labor law takes place within the larger framework of business law, based on a thorough knowledge of the business world. As such we accompany our corporate clients in the various aspects of business law in coordination with other law professionals and trustworthy experts.


This knowledge of the business world and the various human resources proceedings allows us to offer as well comprehensive strategic and legal support to individuals, that may take the shape of a “coaching”.


Our lawyers have gained significant experience in strategic management of collective labour relations:

  • Management of personnel representatives
  • Collective bargaining
  • Reorganization, restructuring and downsizing
  • Organization of working time
  • New technologies and IT


AMPEA brings support in the legal and strategic management of all individual aspects from the conclusion to the termination of the employment contract:

  • Contract drafting
  • Compensation package
  • Status of company executives and corporate officers
  • Working time
  • Mobility, detachment, and expatriation
  • Disciplinary measures
  • Dismissal and termination by mutual consent


  • Relation with social and public administration bodies
  • Payroll tax reassessment and litigation proceedings
  • Social protection schemes ans employee benefits (pension, health and death insurance…)

AMPEA assists its clients for all litigation on labor and employment law and before any Court. In this context, we determine in consultation with our clients the best legal and strategic approach.

An in-depth prior identification of the risks incurred and of the strategic issues contributes to the search for the appropriate legal or extralegal solution, with a constant concern and priority for ensuring the protection of the interests of our clients.


Each litigation case is managed with full transparency and in full cooperation with our clients with a complete and regular follow-up.


Our interventions notably include:

  • Risk evaluation and prevention
  • Settlement negotiation
  • Assistance before any court

Nous avons notamment été conduits à accompagner certains de nos clients sur plusieurs opérations significatives :

  • Restructurations et licenciements collectifs au sein de filiales de groupes français ou étrangers
  • Mise en place des élections des représentants du personnel par voie électronique (internet) dans une entreprise comportant plusieurs établissements
  • Négociation d'accords d’entreprise portant sur les régimes de prévoyance ou sur les régimes de retraite complémentaire en vigueur
  • Saisine des juridictions en vue de la condamnation de représentants du personnel suite à la diffusion d’informations confidentielles
  • Contestation de procédures de redressement et négociation avec l’URSSAF
  • Rupture du contrat de travail et résiliation du mandat social de dirigeants d’entreprise
  • Révision du statut social en vigueur
  • Défense dans le cadre de contentieux individuels et collectifs en matière de discrimination et d’égalité de traitement
  • Gestion du transfert de salariés, notamment des salariés protégés, dans le cadre de transferts d'activités entre sociétés 
  • Accompagnement de cadres de direction dans la négociation de la rupture de leur contrat de travail

Ces exemples ne sont naturellement qu’indicatifs.

AMPEA offers specific assistance tailored to the situation and the cases of employees.

Our interventions include:

  • Negotiation of the hiring conditions and of the compensation and/or allowance packages
  • Support in the management of disputes during the execution of the employment contract, enventualy in view of a termination of the contract
  • Negotiation of the termination of an employment contract (dismissal, termination by mutual consent, settlement agreement…)
  • Assistance before any Court
  • Support in the determination of the social security scheme for executive managers

We focus, to the fullest extent possible, an early assistance in order to determine a legal strategy aimed at resolving disputes or at optimizing the conditions of a termination if unavoidable or desired.

Depending on cases, our assistance takes place either directly in contact with the employer’s counsel, or in a concealed manner, through legal “coaching.”

Specific financial conditions are offered to individuals, taking into consideration the achieved results.

Employment law is in constant motion. Laws, regulations, case law… As such, employers in France can face a risky lack of stability..


Through our "employment law news", we try to provide some initial insights on key points of current employment law issues bearing on the daily management of human resources.


Our publication "In brief" offers a global and synthetic vision of these current issues through a periodical newsletter.


AMPEA has a team of attorneys at law dedicated to the employment law and acting in synergy alongside their clients with a human and transparent relationship.

All the AMPEA’s lawyers have completed postgraduate employment law courses.

Throughout their careers, they have gained significant experience in employment, labour and social security law issues, which they practice every day.


Bastien PERON

Founding Partner

Attorney at Law (Paris Bar - 2002)

Bastien Peron holds a DESS in employment law and operates more specifically in the areas of restructuring operations, collective bargaining, social protection, working time, management of personnel representatives and determination of individual or collective employment status.


Languages : French, English




DESS Droit des Relations du Travail, Université de Nice (1999)

Maîtrise Droit des Affaires, Université de Toulon et du Var (1998)

Before founding AMPEA, he was a member since 1999 of the employment law teams of major firms in Paris (Mazars et Associés, Lamy Lexel, De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés).



Founding Partner

Attorney at Law (Paris Bar- 1999)


Sabine MAKOWSKI holds a Postgraduate Degree in Employment Law and operates more specifically in the management of individual and collective relationships and disputes, of new technologies and in the the handling of litigations, with a highly strategic approach.


Languages: French, English




DEA Droit social, Université de Nanterre Paris X (1997)

Maitrise Droit privé, Université de Nanterre Paris X (1996)



Before founding AMPEA, she was a member since 2009 of the employment law teams of major firms in Paris (BEA, Lamy-Lexel).



Associate since 2011

Attorney at Law (Paris Bar - 2011)


Languages: French, English




Master 2 Droit social et relations professionnelles, Université de Nanterre Paris X (2008)

Master 1 Droit social, Université de Nanterre Paris X (2007)


Publication: " Le modèle français de l’emploi des travailleurs âgés de 55 à 64 ans : de la négation du droit à l’emploi au vieillissement actif " in collaboration with Nicole Kerschen (2009)


Attorneys at law admitted to the Paris Bar

8 rue du Mont Thabor, 75001 Paris

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8 rue du Mont Thabor, 75001 Paris

Tel : +33(0)1 47 03 11 20 / Fax : +33(0)1 47 03 11 21

contact@ampea.fr / Toque B0608

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